Hooking up as a couple

The threeway is something that most men spend their entire lives thinking about having. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, though. Most women can have a tough time sharing their man and the men can never bring up the subject in way that seems right. It’s still possible, though. You just have to make sure the woman understands that this is an experience for the two of them to share. It’s not all about the guy at all. It’s the two of them and the third person that they decide to have it with.

Just make sure you don’t think you can just do it with her hot friend. That’s not going to happen. It’s going to bring about a lot of jealousy and ruin it for everyone. If you really want it to happen then it has to be someone new. The best thing to do is find a third person on a hookup site. There are tons of single women who are all open to the idea of having sex with a couple. Then make sure that you include everyone in the bedroom. If you just expect the two women to take care of you then you’re going to be very disappointed. Everyone has to get a turn and you have to be willing to let the two women have some time to themselves. That’s’ the best way to finally experience the one thing that you’ve always thought about but never been able to make happen for yourself.