Leaving the room in the morning

We’ve all come across this same scenario in one way or another. We spent the night with someone and now it’s the next morning. Maybe we have to get to work or maybe we just want to leave before things get messy. No matter what the reason, you have to make a quiet escape from the room before you wake up the other person. Hopefully you were good enough the night before and they need to sleep in a little bit to recover. That’s going to give you the very best shot at making sure you can get out.

If you can manage to think ahead then you can undress for success the night before. Don’t leave your clothes all over the place. Keep everything in the pockets of your pants and keep those with your shirt and shoes. You want to remember where you leave them so you don’t have to go looking around for them. You also want to tuck your belt buckle into one of your pockets. Nothing makes more noise in the morning than a buckle moving around. Once you find them, don’t’ get dressed on the bed. You’re going to move it and wake the other person up. Sit on the floor to tie your shoes and just pull everything else up to you. Then make your way through the door as quietly as possible and close the door behind you. Now you can decide if you want to text them later on to tell them how much fun you had.