Why women like to hookup

Most people like to think that hooking up is something that only men enjoy. Women have to be plied in order to get them in the mood to have sex with strangers. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. Women love to hookup just as much as men and there are some very solid reasons behind it. The first is that most women want to be wanted. There’s a reason that they go out dressed the way that they do. They love to get attention and there are always men willing to stare at them in their sexiest clothes. The sex that comes afterward is just extra proof that they’re good looking enough to be desired.

They also get just as bored with taking care of themselves as men do. They spend just as much time doing it and they need a break from it. That’s when they go and seek out a hookup with someone. They need them to take over and give them the kind of satisfaction that they can’t give to themselves. Finally, it’s just a part of nature. Women are programmed to seek out as much sex as they can get for procreation. Now that we can separate sex from reproduction, they still feel the need for the physical act of it all. That’s why they end up online and ready to hookup with anyone that catches their eye. If you want it to be you, all you have to do is make sure you’re there when they feel the need to have a good time with someone.